Programming Basics
turtle graphics



iPad / iPhone

12 Basic commands + 14 Advanced commands
You can download from App Store.

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Windows / macOS

11 Basic commands 
Version 1.10(February 28, 2019)

- No installation required. All you have to do is just place the following executable file in the appropriate folder.
- If you place the executable file in a shared folder, it can be executed from multiple PCs.


Unzip downloaded file and run turtles.



If a security warning appears, you can click “Detailed Information” to execute it.

more details


Open downloaded dmg file and copy the turtles to a suitable folder.



If a security warning appears, right-click (or control + left-click) and select "Open" at the top of the menu.


To use this software, please accept the following terms of use.
 Terms of use
- Please use it properly under the guidance of a parent or guardian.
- Although every effort has been made with regard to function and quality, please understand that it does not guarantee the accuracy and safety of the operation and contents, etc., because it is developed by volunteers.
- Developers (including related parties such as authors and related organizations) are not responsible for problems, damages or losses caused by reasons such as the use or non-use of this software.
- It cannot be used for purposes other than general programming education. (Replication, distribution, analysis, modification, reverse engineering, etc. are not allowed)
- The copyright and other rights of this software belong to the original author and each right holder, and these rights are protected by copyrights and treaties.
- This terms of use may be updated from time to time. We will notify you of changes by posting a new terms of use on this website. These changes will take effect immediately after posting on this website and will apply to previous versions of the apps.
- This terms of use is written in the Japanese language. If this Agreement is translated into other languages, the Japanese text will prevail.

Update : August 10. 2020

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